Every year we provides an opportunity for both Russian and international artists to develop their projects in our art-residence
Who we are?
The art residence of the State Center for Contemporary Art has been hosting Russian and foreign artists since 19 .. year. Each year, about twenty artists come to our residence to carry out their art projects lasting no more than 1 month. Participants are selected through an open international competition. Artists from 31 countries of the world: Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Israel, India, Iran, Spain and others managed to work at the NCCA art residence in Kronstadt. The program participants not only implement their ideas, but they also give lectures, conduct master classes during their stay in the residence.
The residence offers artists a relaxing workplace in the historical and picturesque setting of the sights of the city of Kronstadt. The residence is located in a park near the Naval Cathedral and the Museum of the History of Kronstadt. In the closest proximity residents may find old shipyards, a sailing workshop, a drawbridge, docks, sluices, channels etc.

Address: 2b Yakornaya ul., Kronstadt
What are the conditions in the residence?

The residence occupies a separate two-story building.For comfortable work there is a studio, a living room, as well as a kitchen and two bathrooms.Wi-Fi Internet connection is available. At the same time, two people can work in the residence.
How to get to St Petersburg by public transport?
Address: 2b Yakornaya ul., Kronstadt

In average the trip St. Petersburg/ Kronstadt takes about an hour. There are the following transport connections between Kronstadt and St Petersburg:

Minibus № 405 — it goes from "Chernaya Rechka" metro station. In Kronstadt the minibus stops at the opposite side from the residence, at Sovetskaya Street by the Naval Cathedral (stop is on the map). Operation time: 05:40–00:00; interval: 17–30 minutes (best route).
Minibus № 407 — it goes from "Prospekt Prosveshcheniya" metro station. Operation time: 06:00–23:00; interval: 15–25 minutes.
Bus № 101 — it goes from "Staraya Derevnya"metro station. Operation time: weekdays 04:45–23:24 (from 05.06.2018), weekend 04:45–03:00 (from 30.07.2018); interval: 15–25 minutes.In Kronstadt, all buses/minibuses stop at the city centre at the corner of Grazhdanskaya Street and Prospekt Lenina near the Gostinny Dvor and the Fountain (the stop on the map)

The way from the transport stop to Yakornaya square, where the residency is situated, will take 15 minutes.
Who can apply?
We invite artists who work in various areas of contemporary art - photography, film and video art, installation, easel graphics and painting, sculpture, public art and landscape projects, with artistic, sociological and archival research. The desire of artists to work with the natural and historical landscape of Kronstadt and St. Petersburg is welcomed.

A mandatory part of the program is the holding of an artist talk / master class / exhibition on the site of theNCCA in preliminary coordination with the curator of the residence. Last year, the NCCA held exhibitions in the most advanced spaces of St. Petersburg: FFTN, Kunsthalle Nummer Sieben, 4413, etc.
For what does the resident pay on his/her own?
The resident pays for visa and transportation costs, meals, working materials or any other expenses connected to the stay, work, and public presentation of the work on his/her own.
Below you can download a detailed pdf file with all the necessary information about the residence.
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