The <method> exhibition, which opens the Museum's thematic events cycle, presents reliquaries containing graphical combinatorial systems that illustrate the visualization of the quantitative trace of the "preset harmony” of context-dependent quantitative values 153/273 observed in circular permutations. The systems of conceptual combinatorics expressed in the sign and symbolic form of nonverbal communication illustrate the correspondence of osteological regularity and theological statistics to quantitative data of the complex of abstract sciences and humanities that study humans, their origin, development, and existence in the natural and cultural environment.

... not a thing that comes into being, but a thing without beginning. Corpus Hermeticum 2.4

There is neither an observee nor an observer on the way to approach art that is not burdened with perishable forms. It is always found both by a work of art and a lack of it, by apparent attention, by a view in line with non-movement. If you approach it, you stay at a distance, if you move away, you do not find intimacy.

Untouchable, it cannot be found by searching, it does not possess a sign, it does not accept an image, and its true communion is identical with the elimination of doubt whether it is true or false. Non-appearing among the abundance, it knows no limit and nothing will stop the constancy of its presence. Its density does not return with the same, its unsurpassed completeness cannot be repeated. It is the knowledge that does not come by time and every time it lets pass its possible content into oblivion. The sight that does not possess it knows it; the possessor learns it again, but the difference from the unknown is not something that should be taken as an integral part of it by focusing on the invisible.

Having lost the idea of the possibility to eliminate it, it is impossible to eliminate it. It is no less impossible to share its discovery. It is impossible to see its testimony that is inexhaustible in action without becoming like it, without rejecting it by neither affirmation nor denial. And the value of this barrier is so high that only everything is comparable to it and nothing becomes so complete and nothing can change it. Corresponding to everything that has become it again, the absolute coherence of everything that could have been it exists.



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