Meta Joanknecht and Mark Verbrugge
Countries: New Guinea and the Netherlands
Meta Joanknecht works with traces of human presence. She finds abandoned and lost things that tell stories about former owners. The used objects and their fragments tell about everyday life and about the history of the place where they were found. Meta collects and arranges these objects as a plan-scheme of what surrounds her.
Mark Verbrugge is a self-taught videographer, he was educated in the audiovisual sphere in Media Park (Hilversum, Denmark). Mark sees stories that are impossible to tell with the plot. He works as an editor, but as an artist is far from editing, he refers to the camera as a way to feel and think. Mark is looking for ways to share a personal impression with other people. Find out how the experiences and feelings of different people are interrelated, what is common in our perception. He is trying to form a language in which you can transfer your personal experience to another.

Dragan Voidovic and Liliana Maletin
Country: Serbia
Dragan Voidovic and Liliana Maletin work with the phenomena of body, movement, rupture, the relationship of art and society, quoting, re-reading, the study of the continuity of artistic thinking.
Taya Sharafutdinova
Country: Russia
Taya Sharafutdinova (b. 1990, Leningrad) received a higher education in the specialty marine engineer. She studied at the Faculty of photo correspondents Yu.Halperin (Saint Petersburg) and in the FotoDepartament (Saint Petersburg). Currently a student at the School of Young Artists of the PRO ARTE Foundation (Saint Petersburg). For several years she has been working with photos and text.
Anastasia Kolesnik
Country: Russia
Anastasia Kolesnik (b. 1995) is a student at Stieglitz Academy, Artistic Textiles Department (Saint Petersburg), graduate of the School of Young Artist PRO ARTE (Saint Petersburg).
In her works, whether they are associated with objects (real, fantasy or media) or not, you need to reflect your own habitat in the usual forms for human life. Creating a new object, Anastasia invites the viewer inside herself each time, to be incorporeal inside her world of this or that reflection, to transform into images or thoughts.
Jozef Ibarr
Countries: Mexico-USA
Joseph Ibarr (b. 1981) was born in Mexico and raised in the United States. After receiving a bachelor's degree in physics, he studied French and photography in Paris. Joseph lived in Bilbao (Spain), Helsinki (Finland), Morocco (Africa) and in Berlin (Germany). Joseph is involved in documentary photography and conceptual portraits. His works focus on the identity and essence of man, encompassing people, traditions, places and history. Joseph's projects are the result of interacting with people and studying what makes them a society.
Mikhail Ptitsyn
Country: Russia
Mikhail Ptitsyn (b. 1980, Arzamas, Russia) currently lives in Moscow. He is engaged in interdisciplinary artistic practices: sculpture, pinhole photography, graphics, poetry performances. Mikhail's works participated in exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow: Stolen Art (Zverev Center, Moscow), Rehearsal of Pleasures and Other States (Regina Gallery, Moscow), Richterfest (Science and Art, Moscow), III Photo Biennale modern photography (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg), Gaidar's Black Soap (Writer, St. Petersburg), etc.

Ksenia Galkina
Country: Russia
Ksenia Galkina (b. 1988, Krasnoyarsk) graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk), in 2016 she graduated from Rodchenko School (Moscow). The artist works with the theme of the possible immaterial human existence, with which, among other things, connects zeroing of space and action. Turning to the medium of video and the form of interactive installations, the artist exposes herself and others into a hologram, into a set of intangible ray points, casting doubt on the need for a mediated existence for knowledge. Among selected exhibitions: the 5th International Youth Biennale (Moscow), a special program of the International Cannes Video Festival (Moscow), the Screen and Media Arts Festival (Krasnoyarsk), the 6th Moscow Biennale (Moscow), Takeoff (VDNH, Moscow), The Wrong International Festival of Digital Art, Video Format (St. Petersburg), Cyberfest11 (New York, St. Petersburg), Tate Exchange (London).
Yevgeny Glushen
Country: Belarus
Evgeny Glushen (b. 1988) is a photographer from Minsk. Studies alternative photo processes and experiments with them. Evgeny has been working with analog photography since 2007, he completed a full course of photography at ZAO Vilia (Minsk, Belarus) and a course on studio photography at Studio 67 (Minsk, Belarus). The works of the photographer were exhibited at many international exhibitions of pinhole photography: Pinholekon (Russia, St. Petersburg); Just Pinhole (the Center for Contemporary Arts, Minsk, Belarus); Game in the classic
(Minsk - Grodno - Vilnius).
Donato Piccolo
Country: Italy
Donato Piccolo (b. 1976), a multimedia artist, lives and works in Rome. Participant of the 52nd and 54th Venice Biennale, exhibited in important museums in Italy, Europe and the USA: MACRO, Rome / Giorgio Cheni Foundation, Venice (Italy) / Luciano Benetton Collection, Torino (Italy) / Charity Organization in Senlis (France) / Galleria Civica, Modena (Italy) / Museum in Brussels (Boghossian Foundation) (Belgium) / Beyond Museum, Seoul / George Kolbe Museum, Berlin (Germany) / ISCP, New York (USA) / SMart, Shanghai (China).
In his work, the artist transforms physical phenomena into a work of art, offering the viewer a new emotional experience of nature as an object of art. With the help of high-tech tools, he combines graphics, painting, kinetics, physics, optics and programming in large-scale installations. Donato analyzes the cognitive abilities and insightful aspects of the natural world.
Alina and Artyom Kiselyovs
Country: Russia
Alina Kiselyova (b.1986, Magnitogorsk, Russia), an artist and photographer, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of Magnitogorsk State University. Currently engaged in painting, graphics, photography, sculpture. Participant of different national and international festivals of photography: Baltic biennale of photography Photomania (2013, 2015), 1st International Photo Contest in Tyumen, Russia Fixage 2014.FIAP (Special 1st degree prize for black and white photography), Third Museum Photobiennale of Contemporary Photography (State Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2014-2015), International Photo Awards (IPA) in CIS (Silver prize for "Fine Art: Landscape", 2016), etc.
Artem Kiselyov (b.1989) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Magnitogorsk State University. Active in painting, sculpture, installation.
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